Why Marathon Swimming is Unique and Rewarding

cropped-cropped-DSCF44281Marathon swimming is a unique type of practice that can help runners to develop the muscles in their legs and arms and go the distance when they hit the track. It was first developed by Captain Matthew Webb in 1875 when he swam all the way from England to France.

As the name suggests, marathon swimming is swimming over a very long distance. This helps to develop stamina, which is a key skill for anyone who wants to compete in a race. Marathon swimmers need the same skills as regular marathon runners in that they need to be physically and mentally fit, have to have plenty of stamina and need to be able to visualize the end of the race.

However, there are certain dangers involved with marathon swimming that have to be overcome, which make the sport more challenging and ultimately more rewarding if done successfully. People who run out of energy in the middle of a marathon swim run the risk of drowning, as they are likely to be in deep water. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that a marathon swimmer learns how to pace themselves so that they are able to go the distance and do not run out of power when they are out at sea.

Marathon swimming can help sports people to focus, as there are few distractions when you are in the middle of the sea. Although there are likely to be people cheering you on at the shore, once you get a few miles out there it is only the gentle sounds of the ocean to keep you company.

Marathon runners who need a bit of a break from running but still want to train are likely to find that marathon swimming is a very rewarding activity. Swimming uses all the muscles in the body and can help individuals to be physically and mentally stronger.