Why Marathon Runners are Likely to Be Smarter

Runner looking at heart rate monitor smartwatch while running. Man jogging outside looking at his sports smart watch during workout training for marathon run. Fit male fitness model in his 20s.

There is no doubt that people who regularly run marathons are physically fitter than the average person as they have to train for a long time in order to complete the course. However, it has often been said that people who run marathons are also likely to be more intelligent. Let’s take a closer look at the potential reasons for this.

People who run regularly are sure to be aware of the fact that their body falls into certain processes and rhythms that help to make running easier over time. It has recently been discovered that these processes also work to aid memory and make learning a breeze. People who are studying for a big test may well find that going running helps to boost their mental powers.

History shows that many of the most celebrated runners and other sports people have also been great thinkers. Endurance runners in particular have enhanced memories that help them to memorize tracks and identify hurdles before they appear and also work in all other aspects of their lives when they are not running.

Another key point is the recently discover fact that the energy required to make muscles perform and the energy to power the brain is supplied by a single protein. This protein is known as the estrogen-related receptor gamma, or ERRy for short. ERRy serves to increase blood supply to the muscles, helping to convert fat to energy more quickly as increase running speed dramatically.

It is now known that ERRy also controls the way that sugar is metabolized in the brain. Neurons that are rich in ERRy fire particularly efficiently, which helps to increase memory and make it easier to retain all types of information. Therefore, people who want to be smarter should take the time to go on long runs regularly and boost their physical health along with their brain power.