Top Tips for Marathon Preparation in the Final Week

Tips_Industries_Logo.svgMany people spend weeks or months training for a marathon only to fall at the last hurdle. With the start of the marathon so close, it may be easy to slip into bad habits during the last week. However, this time is essential and you need to stay focused. Here are some top tips on how to prepare for the marathon in the final week:

Eat Right

Eating a healthy diet full of protein, lean fat and carbohydrate will help to prepare your body for the grueling task of running a marathon. It is also essential to make sure that your body is packed with vitamins and minerals and consider taking supplements to give yourself an extra boost.

Avoiding Injuries

Developing an injury in the week before the marathon is likely to mean that you have to pull out of the race. Warming up properly before you run will help to avoid injuries such as a sprained ankle or shin splints, while putting talcum powder in your running shoes will help to reduce the risk of developing athlete’s foot.

Cut out the Junk

It is important to make sure that you body is in top physical form in the days leading up to the marathon. This means cutting out junk food, alcohol and fatty foods. People who find that they are addicted to these foods and are having trouble giving up can motivate themselves by arranging a celebration party at the end of the marathon when they will have plenty of time to really indulge.

Hone your Marathon Strategy

This is the time to go over your plan for running the marathon and visualize the race so that you know what to expect. The more that you prepare for the marathon mentally, the easier it will be to compete and with a bit of luck the experience will feel familiar and exciting.