The Technical Side of Running a Successful Marathon

london-marathon-2-large_trans++qVzuuqpFlyLIwiB6NTmJwfSVWeZ_vEN7c6bHu2jJnT8Running a marathon is not simply about showing up at the starting line and pushing yourself through the miles ahead until you reach the finish. In fact, there is a lot of preparation that has to take place before you are ready to compete. Here are some tips that will help to make sure you are able to run a successful marathon and get the most out of the experience:

Learn the Language of Motivation

There is no doubt about it; running a marathon is tough. In order to push yourself through those miles when you feel absolutely drained and as though you simply can’t go any further it is essential to develop the right mental attitude. Get into the habit of silently cheering yourself on as you run so that you will develop the perfect mental attitude that will carry you through.

Visualization for Winners

Part of having the right mental attitude is visualization. If you are able to clearly picture yourself crossing the finish line and being cheered on by your support squad you are likely to have the motivation you need to keep on going. This will also give you something to focus on rather than how tired you feel.

Get a Tough Time Strategy

Plan in advance what you will do to keep yourself motivated during the moments when it gets really hard and you want to throw in the towel. This is sure to be different for everyone but some things to focus on could include celebrating your success at the end of the marathon with friends and family, enjoying a treat or even how proud you will feel when you finally cross the finish line.

Giving up is Not an Option

Taking away the option of stopping will make it easier to keep going. Simply tell yourself that you are there to finish and no matter how difficult things get you will be able to dig deep to keep running until you complete the marathon.