Why Marathon Runners are Likely to Be Smarter

Why Marathon Runners are Likely to Be Smarter

There is no doubt that people who regularly run marathons are physically fitter than the average person as they have to train for a long time in order to complete the course. More »


Dublin City Marathon Preparation Tips

Preparing for the Dublin City Marathon or any other type of race takes a lot of both physical and mental preparation. It is not enough to simply train for the marathon, you

Dublin Marathon Tour Details

The Dublin Marathon is set to get going at 09:00 on October 30th, 2016. A total of fifteen thousand places are available to runners and people who are planning to secure a

Running to the Beat – Using a Metronome

Using a metronome is a great way to set the pace when running. The body is naturally programmed to follow certain rhythms and this will help the body to follow a certain

Dublin Marathon Tips

As the name suggests, the Dublin Marathon takes place in the city of Dublin in Ireland and is typically held in the month of October. This exciting race attracts keen runners from