Getting Started with Marathons – Absolute Beginners’ Guide

Along with the New Year comes New Year’s resolutions. A popular one for many is to run a first marathon. Most people who commit to running tend to be fairly unfit to start with, which makes this aspirational goal even more impressive. Are you one of these New Year marathoners?

You may be feeling uncertain and a little overwhelmed with the amount of information on how to get started. If the closest you have ever gotten to a marathon is watching a marathon documentary, then you need to read this!

Choose Your Marathon

MarathonIf you are a true beginner (i.e. you have done little to no running), select a marathon in the later part of the year, if possible. This will give you enough time to build your body up to a point where it can manage one. Completing your first marathon is no good if you come out of it injured due to not being well enough prepared.

Preparation is Key

If you haven’t done any form of exercise in a while, get a complete physical and the go ahead from your doctor. Once you have done that, you need to make sure you have the right equipment, i.e. the right shoes. You are going to putting a lot of miles on these, so getting ones that support your feet properly is vital. Shoes that are poor quality or a bad fit can lead to injuries.
Go to a store that offers proper fitting – the staff there will examine how you run, and if your feet pronate or supinate. They will then suggest the best shoes for you. They might be pricier than you want to spend, but it will be worth it compared to the pain and injuries you may be exposed to with a cheaper pair.

Next – make sure you have comfortable clothes that aren’t restrictive and won’t chafe, and you will be finally ready to start your running program!