Dublin Marathon Tips

W_kra08yNTEUum7THD7Hx_E2vTmLplfY_tipsAs the name suggests, the Dublin Marathon takes place in the city of Dublin in Ireland and is typically held in the month of October. This exciting race attracts keen runners from all over the world and the atmosphere is absolutely electric. Here are some top tips for the Dublin Marathon that you can use to help you make it across the finish line.

Eat Your Carbs

Carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes and certain types of other starchy vegetables provide a slow release of energy that can really help to make sure you are able to dig deep during the marathon. Pasta is another great source of carbs, although it should be noted that it can make runners feel bloated and should be consumed several hours before the marathon starts.

Get Hydrated

Although being hydrated before, during and after the marathon is essential, this does not mean drinking as much water as possible before you start to race. Drinking too much water before the race starts is likely to mean that you have to pause to take a bathroom break early on and lose valuable time. Drink lots of water with your morning meal and stick to smaller sips of liquids directly before and during the marathon.

Pace Yourself

There is no point making a mad dash at the start of the marathon only to discover that you run out of steam early on. Trying to push too hard before you have properly warmed up can also lead to muscle cramps and the old saying that slow and steady wins the race holds true when it comes to running a marathon.

Wear the Right Clothing

Never buy new running shoes for a race because they need to be properly broken in and avoid wearing cotton tops as they can lead to chaffing.