Dublin City Marathon 2016 – Top Tips to Help You Run Your Best Marathon This Year

logoTraining for a marathon is series business and people who want to be successful or even manage to make it to the starting line need to have a strong will and plenty of stamina. Even experienced marathon runners may find that they need to step up their game a little in order to perform well at the Dublin City Marathon 2016 as they will be competing against 15,000 other dedicated runners. Here are some top tips to help set you on the right track:

Create a Marathon Training Schedule

Whether you are training for the first time or have been training for marathons for years, creating a training schedule is essential. Picking regular running sessions at the same times each week will help the body to focus. When creating a training schedule it is important to be realistic about how much you body can handle and allow yourself time to rest in between training sessions.

Focus on Diet

Choose food that will provide you with enough energy to go the distance during your runs. Carbohydrates provide a slow release of energy that is great for runners and baked potatoes, pasta and other types of starchy foods make great running meals. Of course, it is also a good idea to pack plenty of fruit into the diet to provide essential vitamins and minerals and cut down on the junk food.

Join a Running Group

There are lots of running groups around the world that keen runners are welcome to join. People who are struggling to stay motivated in the months leading up to the London City Marathon are sure to find that running with other people can really help to stay focused. Most running groups meet several times a week at fixed times to help running get into a schedule that they can stick to more easily.