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Running a marathon is not simply about showing up at the starting line and pushing yourself through the miles ahead until you reach the finish. In fact, there is a lot of

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Training for a marathon is series business and people who want to be successful or even manage to make it to the starting line need to have a strong will and plenty

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Whether you are planning to actually take part or simply watch the fun unfold as a spectator, the marathon in Dublin is an exciting experience that should not be missed. This major

Developing Proper Posture for Walking and Running and Better

Many people develop injuries when they are running because they do not have the right posture. If this is not rectified, it can lead to muscle cramps, spine problems and many other

What’s the Worst Thing That Could Happen to You During the Dublin Marathon?

While taking part in a marathon can be a fun and challenging experience, many people are put off for fear of something going wrong. It has to be said that running a

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It takes time and dedication to prepare to run a marathon and many people spend a long time preparing themselves both mentally and physically. Here are some top tips to get you