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Getting Started with Marathons – Absolute Beginner’s Preparation Guide

You have the all-clear from your doctor, got fitted with new running shoes and bought a new running kit. Now, when to get on the road and start pounding pavement? Not so

Getting Started with Marathons – Absolute Beginners’ Guide

Along with the New Year comes New Year’s resolutions. A popular one for many is to run a first marathon. Most people who commit to running tend to be fairly unfit to

Why Marathon Swimming is Unique and Rewarding

Marathon swimming is a unique type of practice that can help runners to develop the muscles in their legs and arms and go the distance when they hit the track. It was

Why Do Healthy People Die Running Marathons?

Running a marathon is a great way of getting fit and having fun. However, this activity is not without its risks and in fact a number of people have actually died while

Finding the Right Shoes for a Marathon

Purchasing a good pair of running shoes is essential for anyone who wants to take part in a marathon and really go the distance. Failure to find the right shoes can cause

Why Marathon Runners are Likely to Be Smarter

There is no doubt that people who regularly run marathons are physically fitter than the average person as they have to train for a long time in order to complete the course.

Why Is a Marathon 26.2 Miles?

A full marathon is officially 26.2 miles, which calculates as 49.19 kilometers. This may seem like a rather odd figure and many people are likely to think that it would be easier

Top Tips for Marathon Preparation in the Final Week

Many people spend weeks or months training for a marathon only to fall at the last hurdle. With the start of the marathon so close, it may be easy to slip into