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This site has been created especially for people who are planning to take part in a marathon and are looking for top tips on how to prepare. This is especially useful for anyone who is planning on taking part in a marathon or another type of racing event for the very first time. Preparation is key when you want to compete and here you will find details of training practices, how to get in shape and the types of foods that you should eat before a major race.

The Dublin Marathon is one of the most vibrant marathons that are held in the world and this exciting event attracts thousands of people from all around the world each and every year. Therefore, many of the pages on this site are dedicated to the Dublin marathon and visitors can find important information such as the route of the Dublin Marathon, how to sign up and traveling there.

Wearing the right shoes is important for those who want to go the distance and on this site visitors will find information on how to choose the right running shoes as well as how to maintain their footwear. Those who are new to the world of running may get lost in the technical terms, so there is also an article that breaks down the terms to make them easier to understand.

Reading the different articles that are presented on the different pages on this site can help to motivate people and help them stay on track with their running goals. It can be hard staying focused during the weeks and months that it takes to get in shape and therefore people who are training will want to make sure that they stop by regularly to get an extra boost. First and foremost, running should be fun and the articles that can be found here are also designed to be entertaining.