4 Types of Races and How They Impact Your Running Goals

Orlen_Warsaw_Marathon_2014_al._KENPeople who are keen on running will find that there are lots of different types of races that are just waiting for them to take part in. Before signing up to take part in a race it is important to understand that each type of race has different physical and mental demands that will naturally effect the way that you train for them. Here are four of the most popular types of races and the demands that they impose on runners:

Fun Runs

As the name suggests, these types of runs are all about having fun and getting fit and as a result there is little pressure involved. Different running groups often arrange regular fun runs in local parks as a way for runners to get together and have fun. These types of races are also great ways of training for a more challenging race such as a marathon.

Charity Runs

People take part in these races to raise money for charity and as a result there is likely to be more pressure to do well. The higher the runner places in the charity run and the more people sponsor them, the more money they will be able to raise for the charity.

Half Marathons

Those who are not yet up to the challenge of a full marathon can opt to take part in a half marathon. Although a lot of training is still required in order to perform well, the half marathon does not require as much stamina and runners are able to be a little bit easier on themselves.


These are the most physically and mentally demanding races of them all and runners need to be in peak health to compete. It is important to spend several weeks or months training for a marathon and the key to success is setting and following strict running goals.