14 Tips for the Upcoming Marathon

Top10tipsIt takes time and dedication to prepare to run a marathon and many people spend a long time preparing themselves both mentally and physically. Here are some top tips to get you started:

  • Go to bed early the night before and get plenty of good sleep.
  • Although you are sure to sweat during the marathon, make sure that you bring some warm clothing to slip into after you pass the finish line.
  • Read through the instruction booklet when you arrive at the marathon site so that you know exactly when and where you are starting.
  • Bring along some extra cash so that you can warm up with a hot drink and perhaps a bowl of nourishing soup after the marathon.
  • Put a little talcum powder into your socks to help fight blisters when you are running.
  • Look out for litter such as bin bags that may be on the track close to the starting line.
  • Make sure that you dress for the actual weather conditions on the day of the marathon.
  • Look out for discarded water bottles so that you don’t trip over them and twist you ankle.
  • It is better to take small sips of water whenever you can than overloading at water stations.
  • Visualize the marathon in small sections to make it easier to tackle mentally and physically.
  • Don’t look at your watch too often and get distracted by trying to make the best time possible.
  • Enjoy the last part of the marathon as you will have done the hard work and it is now your time to shine.
  • Cool down aching muscles by going for a short run after you have completed the marathon.
  • When you are at home after the marathon run a bath with cold water and place your legs in it for a few minutes before taking a warm shower to ward off muscle cramps.